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The Lush Cluster collection marries original artistry, weaving techniques and the raw beauty of natural materials into breathtaking works of art. This “jewelry-as-art” approach challenges the boundaries of convention by treating a natural palette, texture, form and light as raw materials are masterfully woven resulting in unified, thought-provoking originals. The Lush Cluster signature medium of geode slices, druzy formations, Herkimer diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals appeal to the elegant and sophisticated client, looking for both bold statement jewelry and pieces suitable for everyday.


Damn you Activity Feed!

Well Etsy went ahead and did this amazingly awesomely helpful thing...or so I thought at first...they added an Activity Feed.  What, might you ask, is an Activity Feed?  Glad you asked - it is a lovely little feature that allows you [the etsyian] to click on and see if anyone has added any of your items to their favorites, or your shop to your favorites, or what new delicious items your Favorite Stores have added to their shop.  Sounds great right?  After all...right after I discovered this feature someone did indeed add an item from my shop to their Favorites List.  Awesome!

Until...I am now obsessed with checking the damn thing all the time!  Has someone favorited me now?  Did someone check out my shop...how about now.  Nope...maybe later.  Now?  Damn it!  No.

Very clever Etsy.  Now I am spending all of my free time figuring out how I can make my Etsy shop more visible.  This really cuts into my creativity time.  As in, the time I spend making jewelry as opposed to obsessing over its existence and visibility on the web.  Ahhhhhhh...

Signing off now.  Must go do something productive that does NOT involve the computer!