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The Lush Cluster collection marries original artistry, weaving techniques and the raw beauty of natural materials into breathtaking works of art. This “jewelry-as-art” approach challenges the boundaries of convention by treating a natural palette, texture, form and light as raw materials are masterfully woven resulting in unified, thought-provoking originals. The Lush Cluster signature medium of geode slices, druzy formations, Herkimer diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals appeal to the elegant and sophisticated client, looking for both bold statement jewelry and pieces suitable for everyday.


Around and around the (internet) mulberry bush

Deep sigh.  Well, I had no idea what a vicious cycle this whole web presence was going to be.  I feel like every day I want to improve my website, add things to my blog, learn about more widgets, figure out HTML, decipher CSS, contemplate closing my Etsy Storefront and focusing only on my Shop, improve the look of my shop, add things to my shop, change the images on my shop, do I go all black in the background...or should I go with an all white storefront...  AGH!  The possibilities are endless and are they even worth the time and effort I am putting into it?

Of course as a perfectionist I want it to all be seamless and match.  But, I love all the differences between my various websites too!  I like the clean lines of www.lushcluster.com but I like having the white backdrop on lushcluster.smugmug.com and how do I link the domain name...should I switch the service I am using for my website?

All in all I want things to be just right.  But, I guess as in jewelry making, it is a never ending process that can continually be tweaked and improved upon.  After all, if I made the perfect piece of jewelry to end all jewelry making right from the get go then what would be the fun in that?  No - in fact there is no perfect piece of jewelry...there are many awesome pieces that you wear with different outfits, different moods, different seasons, and the list goes on.

Sooooo considering that I guess I should just be satisfied with the fact that I will continually update my website, improve my online presence, fix the style of my shop, and continue to trek on through Etsy.  Ugh, somehow that doesn't make my frustration of wanting perfection THIS MINUTE any easier.  Ha!

If you have any comments about your own frustrations with keeping your websites seamless and in style please share them with me!  I'd love to know that I am not alone...

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