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The Lush Cluster collection marries original artistry, weaving techniques and the raw beauty of natural materials into breathtaking works of art. This “jewelry-as-art” approach challenges the boundaries of convention by treating a natural palette, texture, form and light as raw materials are masterfully woven resulting in unified, thought-provoking originals. The Lush Cluster signature medium of geode slices, druzy formations, Herkimer diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals appeal to the elegant and sophisticated client, looking for both bold statement jewelry and pieces suitable for everyday.


Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone...I am trying to decide what Lush Cluster to wear tonight as I greet Santa.  Hmm something classic?  A beautiful geode piece with rich colors?  If so this is one of my favorite pieces right now...  Cyllene an awesome piece that even Santa would go gaga over!

But maybe I should go for something new and sparkling a real "WOW" kind of statement.  If so then I'd like to go with something from the new Platinum Collection which looks to be extremely popular in the coming year...
Arianrhod Detail
  Drool all you want...this piece is part of my personal collection.  Love it!  Arianrhod is quite an eye catcher.  I can't tell you how many jealous looks I received at a recent holiday party...

Well it isn't too late.  Stop by the shop to pick up your own Lush Cluster luck for the upcoming year!  Until then...drink some nog and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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