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The Lush Cluster collection marries original artistry, weaving techniques and the raw beauty of natural materials into breathtaking works of art. This “jewelry-as-art” approach challenges the boundaries of convention by treating a natural palette, texture, form and light as raw materials are masterfully woven resulting in unified, thought-provoking originals. The Lush Cluster signature medium of geode slices, druzy formations, Herkimer diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals appeal to the elegant and sophisticated client, looking for both bold statement jewelry and pieces suitable for everyday.


Aya too

One of my best pieces, and the most coveted, is Aya.  It all started with a very subtle, simple, plain jane geode.  The cluster is composed of silver and gold shadow crystals with gorgeous Herkimer diamond accents.  And to finish it I found a beautiful brass vintage chain.  Basically - it is the perfect piece because the combination of champagne, silver, and brass pretty much guarantees that this necklace can be worn with ANYTHING.  Gold, Silver, White, Black, Color - it is the all around goes with everything piece.  

I really didn't know what I had created until random strangers started asking me for this piece right on the street.  The woman who sold my sister her wedding dress asked me if she could buy it off my neck!  This is how magical Aya is.  

I am currently in the process of trying to reproduce this amazing-ness and am feeling the pressure needless to say.  The piece, which I am mentally dubbing as Aya Too, is starting off pretty close - but I am not sure the piece captures the magic of the first one.  Also, right now I don't know that I want to part with it because it is so much like my Aya.  

Pretty much the best thing about Lush Clusters is that they are all so different.  Even when I "copy" a prior design for a client who wants something similar to a sold piece, the copycat usually morphs into something unique and special that stands on its own.  I am waiting for that to happen with Aya Too.  Right now we are still in production and I'm not convinced.  I haven't hit my "aha" moment yet.  I'll post back later next week about how it goes.

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